Episode IV: Striking Out


The fourth episode was the first originally produced for College Sports Television (CSTV).  They wanted a cartoon that focused on college students playing sports.  It seemed a little generic to do a basketball or football story, so instead we picked an even more generic sport and went with bowling.  Actually, we spent a great deal of time in college bowling, so it seemed like a natural fit.

The eventual version that CSTV aired was radically different.  It cut significant parts of the episode, including any scenes with Mr. Mittens.  The resulting piece was kind of a mess.  This full version includes Mr. Mittens and one incredibly dated reference to the Chicago Cubs’ postseason failures.


  • This episode was produced exclusively for College Sports Television (CSTV).
  • Mr. Rat is quite the entrepreneur; he owns the liquor store in town and the bowling alley.
  • The Chicago baseball fan is, of course, a reference to the 2003 post-season of the Chicago Cubs and Steve Bartman.

Cast and Crew

Mark Edwards

MeganSm AmandaSm
Amanda Ferguson

John Gibson

BeardSm KlownusSm
David Rothwell
Director / Animator / Executive Producer

Derek Seltzer

Marshall Welch

Justin Young
Director / Writer / Executive Producer

Screen Shots

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