Episode V: Goat Me


Produced originally for College Sports Television (CSTV), the fifth episode had the shortest turn around time of any episode.  After finishing the fourth episode, CSTV contacted us and requested a second episode to air.  Obviously they again wanted a sports theme, but they also wanted it in one month.  That meant from starting the script to rendering the final cut the production time of this episode was almost exactly one month.

A much shorter production schedule would seem most likely to lead to a much shorter episode, but that wasn’t the case.  We found to tell a story worth telling for a television audience, we needed something with some decent length.  That doesn’t mean we weren’t completely frustrated by the turnaround time, as exhibited by the final joke in this episode.


  • This episode was produced exclusively for College Sports Television (CSTV).
  • Happy Fun Beer makes its second appearance, after originally appearing in episode three.
  • The SIU name and colors were a reference to Southern Illinois University, a regional rival of Murray State University.

Cast and Crew

Barry Cooper

Amanda Ferguson

John Gibson

BeardSm KlownusSm
David Rothwell
Director / Animator / Executive Producer

Derek Seltzer

Marshall Welch

Justin Young
Director / Writer / Executive Producer

Screen Shots

hobo1 hobo2 hobo3
hobo4 hobo5 hobo6
hobo7 hobo8


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