Mr. Mittens in real life


One of the common complaints against cartoons and comics is the way they distort character features.  For example, some people complain that Peanuts is ridiculous once one puts any thought into it because Charlie Brown as a real person would have to have a four foot tall head to keep his proportions in line, and therefore wouldn’t be able to walk without a forklift to assist with his head.

Obviously we here at Professor Hobo support any bashing of one of America’s most beloved comic strips, no matter how delusional it might be.  In fact, why not pick apart how Garfield could not realistically eat an entire pan of lasagna by himself, or how Catbert certainly could run a human relations department when he needs to sleep 18 plus hours a day.  It’s fun to be petty!

But just in case the sarcasm of this post doesn’t grab you (and I’m laying on pretty thick here), we present the below picture of what Mr. Mittens would look like as a real cat.  See, no crazy distortions.  Kids, tell your science teacher that Professor Hobo is 100% science sound.  Snoopy on the other hand…

Mr. Mittens, as God imagained him

Mr. Mittens, as God imagained him


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