The Internet is weird


The Internet is weird. There, I said it. We were all thinking it. Yes, even you Uncle Carlos.

You know who doesn’t think the Internet is weird? Twelve-year-old boys. And nerds. And especially nerdy twelve-year-old boys. For them the Internet is a wonderful, endless I.V. drip straight to their collective Id. For the rest of us, though? Yeah, completely Batman’s Bat Ship insane (it’s insane because, what would Batman need with an entire ship, or God for that matter?).

While the Trekkies calm themselves over that last morsel of a reference, consider what this site alone experiences. Yesterday someone found the Professor Hobo site by searching “what hat does god wear.” I hope they found the relevant content…relevant. While I hardly think any of my thoughts are original enough to treasure for longer than the time this takes to post, I must admit to finding some deranged comfort in the fact that Professor Hobo is the Internet aficionado when it comes to God’s choice of headwear.

It tickles at my toes the possibility of writing something about what God wants you to do with all your earthly processions. This is likely sacrilegious, but only if I knowingly accepted said worldly processions. One could presume I simply posted it, and forgot it. I don’t know why people keep driving up and dropping off their antique armoires.

Publishing has always carried with it some weight of responsibility. You can’t libel and you can’t commit sedition–depending on which decade you might be operating under (I prefer the 1930s, myself). What you can do is affect a wide swath of people with minimal effort and, in the case of the Internet, reach them with the same low effort. That makes the Internet a weird place to publish for any but the least self-aware.


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