Foxes in space


People love reality shows. Years after this fad was supposed to go away it’s still here.

People want health care reform. Even those against Obama’s current plan agree that something needs to be done (insurance regulation, tort reform, etc.). Can’t we combine these two passions?

It’s already been pitched once. A Dutch broadcaster planned a reality series in which a woman dying from a brain tumor would choose between three patients in need of a kidney transplant. I’m sure the planned show had a name, but I prefer to imagine it going by the title “Let’s Make A Piss.” Regardless, the show turned out to be a hoax.

It seemed a surefire hit, though. Take two things we love (reality shows and medical dramas) and roll them into one. This is basically what the folks at Reese’s did with their magical chocolate and peanut butter cups. Why don’t we try this more often?

For example, we love the space program and we love Megan Fox. Why don’t we send Megan Fox into space and televise the whole thing? You want to galvanize young men to go into the sciences? I can’t imagine a better motivator than the thought that they might bump into Megan Fox in zero gravity.

What do you think? What two loves should we combine?


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