Am I normal for this?


What qualifies as normal is one of the great mysteries of life. Everyone has little quirks that they’re just not that sure of. For example, do other men shave first before showering? I do, but if everyone else doesn’t I suppose it makes me abnormal.

The reflex is to shout, “There is no normal!” You know who says this? Weird people, and those suffering from Tourettes. Obviously there is weird and normal, or else you’d never nudge your friend and with a nod say, “Check out what that weirdo is wearing.” It’s called a bolo tie, and you’re going to be so sorry when they come back into style.

Anyway, I was thinking a cool web site would be one where everyone vents the things they think they might be weird about, just to see if someone else does it. Worried that it’s weird that your morning shower takes an hour? Post it and see how long everyone else takes.

I see two problems with this site. One, this is basically what Facebook already does. And two, what are the ramifications from finding out you truly are odd? I remember a friend in college being horrified to learn no one else put on as much deodorant as she did. That, of course, is minor, but what if you found out that everyone else thinks Lady Gaga looks like a man and this whole time you’ve had a crush?

So, how about you? What’s something you’re not so sure about?


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