Unholy website of CNN

CNN website

Note the two bottom right stories

While piddling about online looking for something interesting to read, I made the mistake of visiting CNN’s website. What’s so bad about CNN’s site, you ask?

First, why does CNN act confused about where I am? Just about every other website in the world can recognize and greet me knowing I’m from the United States. For some reason, CNN always asks me if I’m sure I want the US edition of its website. CNN is like a teenage waiter his first night on the job. “Are you sure you wanted a baked potato?” Apparently even if it did turn out to be wrong, all I have to do is click a link at the top labeled “US edition.”

Second, one of the front page stories on CNN is an image of a lake with the headline “8-year-old killed by boat propeller.” That’s tragic news and a disturbing thought to even consider, but what’s truly upsetting is the fact that if I hover over the picture with my mouse there appears a video play button. That’s right, there’s apparently video related to this death. Really CNN?

At this point I’m not even sure how to respond. What was someone thinking making this not only a front page story, but one with video? Below it lies a video link to a story titled “Dog thought dead returns to family.” How is this even news?

I have a headline for you CNN, “Cat eats strange object on kitchen floor and is thought sick for next three hours, but not.” That’s just about every night at my house–center of the news world.


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