Online store launches

Professor Hobo store

A look at the online store

We recently launched our online store where you can buy t-shirts, posters, and more featuring Professor Hobo. We did this for one main reason–to allow fans to purchase items. Honestly, we make so little off each item sold that the store will likely not even pay for itself. So no, unless someone starts ordering a thousand shirt s a month we’re not getting rich.

t-shirt contest winner

Armanda Miller, t-shirt contest winner

But we do like our fans and we do want them to be able to show their support. We also want to hear from you what kind of items would you like to see on the store? Different t-shirt designs? Our heads on a platter? We might be able to arrange one of those for you, but new shirt designs are hard to come by. Anyway, if you have ideas send us an email or post in the comments section below.

We kicked off the launch of the store with a contest for our Facebook fans. We gave away a t-shirt to one fan, and the picture is posted below. Obviously it’d be cool to do more contests in the future, but we’ll see what we can do. Let us know about that, too. What would you like to see?

Thanks everyone.


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