Episode IX: A Day at the Zoo


When the local zoo is running low on funds, there’s only one way to save it–a rock ‘n roll show! But just like rock ‘n roll, there’s some nasty alongside the sweet as students battle to save the zoo from itself.

Unlike a lot of other recent episodes, this one is quite lengthy and therefore took a fairly large group of people many months to complete.  It should have been shorter, but life sometimes gets in the way of such things.


  • The opening with Westin was a last minute addition.  The cold opening felt like it better tied elements of the episode together.
  • Westin features a pulsating red circle that very closely resembles the Xbox 360’s red ring of death.
  • The Planet of the Apes sequence features references to all of the original films in the series.

Cast and Crew

Alexandra Bassett

Randy Cravens

John Gibson

Tim Hopp

David Rothwell
Director/ Animator / Executive Producer

Erin Rothwell

Derek Seltzer

Chad Young

Sarah Franzen Young

Justin Young
Director / Writer / Executive Producer


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