Professor or hobo?


Over the last few days we’ve been getting a ton of hits through Google and other search engines from people searching “professor or hobo.” Now, normally we get all kinds of weird searches that lead people to us, but these have been concentrated and at times outnumbering our regular content for bringing hits. So, what’s going on?

Apparently there’s an online quiz that has become the little sensation. The “Prof or Hobo Quiz” asks participants to look at some pictures and evaluate are the men pictured college professors, or hobos. Sound familiar to a certain comic strip? Well, sort of.

Anyway, since people are already looking for the quiz here, we thought we’d go ahead and point the way. If you’re looking for the Prof or Hobo Quiz, you can find it via the links here. Apparently the quiz originates from the University of Toronto. What spurred its popularity? We’re not sure, but this link from Andrew Sullivan over at The Daily Beast probably helped a bit.


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