Top ten most popular Professor Hobo comics of 2012


Producing a comic three times a week is a lot of work. Each year we crank out 156 Professor Hobo comics. Some become big hits online, while others fizzle. We have no magic formula for guessing which will go viral and which will not, but it’s always fun to look back and see. Below are the ten most popular strips from 2012. And if you’re interested, here are the top ten from 2011. Enjoy.

10. The Politics of The Hunger Games

9. Every Male Fantasy

8. The Trouble With Girls

7. Probably Hackers

6. Minecraft Within Minecraft

5. Virtual Classroom

4. 12/12/12

3. Sexy Costumes

2. Stock Up Now

1. How Not to Win Dates

Of course, like with any top ten list, a few comics just miss the cut each year. Here are a few very close honorable mentions that we wanted to feature this year.

HM1. What If Obama Wins?

HM2. How Santa Does It

HM3. Undefeated Season

HM4. The Importance of Being Batman

HM5. Ditch the Books


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