Top ten most popular Professor Hobo comics of 2013


This year saw some changes for Professor Hobo as a comic. For the past few years we’ve been producing three comics a week. About midway through this year we switched to about one a week. Why? Some personal changes in our lives made the upkeep of a three-times-a-week comic a bit too much to handle.

Nevertheless, we still found success in a more restricted fashion. Below are the ten most popular comics we published in 2013. It’s always fun seeing which ones hit and which ones fizzle. If you’re interested, here are the top tens for 2012 and 2011.

10. Cheap Website Hits

9. Keeping Up Appearances

8. Award Exchange

7. Little Disk Icon

6. Inauguration Pictures

5. Video Game Violence

4. Adults Only Video Games

3. My Phone Is Bigger

2. Mac Versus PC

1. Power of Persuasion


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