So far, I’ve only been reviewing single episodes of shows, and while I am still only technically reviewing the premiere episode entitled “Snacks for Strays,” I don’t entirely feel like this is the kind of show that makes sense to review a single episode. View this more as a very positive reaction to the show so far.

Imagine if someone combined Rachel Ray with The Muppets and Beetlejuice and you have a rough idea of The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. I first became aware of McConnell a couple years or so back when her baked creations started appearing on social media. There was a whimsy to them that not surprisingly made her a social media star. She’s basically Morticia Adams and Martha Stewart in one. Now, she has her own show but instead of going the traditional cooking show route, she’s done something far more interesting. While McConnell does include quite a bit of baking, the segments are broken up with humorous interludes with Muppet characters (made by Jim Henson’s son) like a mummified cat or a zombified raccoon. These segments aren’t laugh out loud funny, but they’re cute and entertaining.

One of my favorite running jokes in the first episode is that when McConnell speaks directly to the camera, the animals are confused as to who she’s talking to and consider her mad. That’s a good meta joke for a cooking show. The rest could probably use a bit of polish, but it presents a remarkably coherent vision right out of the gates. This is quality television whether you like cooking, Muppets, or simply the macabre.


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