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hobo1-s The Story of O
Episode I 

Things go awry as a new group of college freshmen move in at the same time as President Czar hatches a new evil scheme again his students.

hobo2-s Bada Bing!
Episode II 

There’s a turf war coming to campus as the campus ministries escalate simple feuding into a holy war.  Who will stop one that’s completely out of control?

hobo3-s The King and Us
Episode III 

Something fishy is going on one night that lands the university president and a frat in jail.  One Racer Patrol officer will get to the bottom of it before everything is done.

hobo4-s Striking Out
Episode IV 

A friendly little competition between faculty and staff is less about the game, and more about the trouble they manage to get into between frames with each other and innocent bystanders.

hobo5-s Goat Me
Episode V 

When arch rival SIU comes to town, the whole school shows up in support, but some would have been just as well to have stayed at home and root at their TV.

episode6-s Klowning Around
Episode VI 

If one is not careful, time spent in a video store can easily morph into hours, or worse.

black_friday Black Friday

The trailer for the new Mr. Mittens film, Black Friday. Shopping is a pain, but it just might be the death of you when zombies are involved.

tiger_beat Tiger Beat
Episode VII 

The campus comes to a standstill when the latest celebrity scandal grabs everyone’s attention.

muddied_waters Muddied Waters
Episode VIII 

The tragedy of the flood in Nashville, TN is brought into sharp focus by the tragedy that is celebrity telethons.

a_day_at_the_zoo A Day at the Zoo
Episode IX 

When the local zoo is running low on funds, there’s only one way to save it–a rock ‘n roll show! But just like rock ‘n roll, there’s some nasty alongside the sweet as students battle to save the zoo from itself.