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Review: God’s Not Dead

God may not be dead, but He may wish to disassociate himself with this film all the same. God’s Not Dead is one of the leaders of this year’s surge of Christian films that have surprised at the box office. It tells the story of Josh Wheaton (no, none of the names here are subtle) who is a college freshman ... Read More »

Review: Life Itself

Looking back, I grew up in a special time in the history of cinema. The old movie houses were still operating downtown, and the first VCRs were arriving into homes. There was a tangible connection to the past, and an exciting view into the future. Of course, the advent of home video also gave rise to the modern indie film ... Read More »

Review: Obvious Child

There are moments in Obvious Child that are so pedestrianly sweet that they undermine the usual romantic comedy criticisms. One such moment comes when Max (Jake Lacy) warms a packet of butter for Donna (Jenny Slate). Slate’s acting instinct here to underplay the moment is what sells it, and it speaks to everything that is right about this film. Unfortunately, ... Read More »

Review: Alan Partridge

The British have the ability to self-correct during the middle of a comedy in a way that feels perfectly natural. The joke is headed one way, and the comedian realizes the utter silliness of it all and self-corrects to an even more absurd destination. That’s the genius of Steve Coogan in his most famous role of Alan Partridge. Here the ... Read More »

Review: Veronica Mars

A long time ago, I used to be a fan of a show called Veronica Mars. Ten years later, it’s the darling success story of Kickstarter raising more than five million dollars for a feature length film version. This presents a dilemma—while thousands of fans certainly care, should anyone else? Veronica Mars began life as a TV show about a ... Read More »

Review: Mr. Peabody & Sherman

How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it. While not a joke from this film, that is certainly representative of the style of humorous puns. Of course, if you were already a fan of the 1960s cartoon then you knew this. How strongly you hold that allegiance to the original cartoon will determine your enjoyment of this update. The titular ... Read More »

Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

Have you ever watched a bully repeatedly pick on the same kid? Or maybe stood by while someone went overboard scolding a bad dog and began to beat it? If you enjoyed either of these activities, then you might also enjoy Inside Llewyn Davis. That initial description may come off harsh, but this journey of a folk singer first engaged ... Read More »

13 Films You May Have Overlooked In 2013

People love to predict the end of Hollywood due to bloated budgets and poor quality films. Yet, every year lots of good films get released to both critical praise and public success. Many other films, however, go overlooked by audiences. Yes, some of the films listed below were actually released in 2012 overseas, but I’m a US moviegoer, so forgive ... Read More »

Review: Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight had its moments, excuse me, of delight. Unfortunately, those moments were few and far between for me. In between I found a movie searching for a rudder, lost in a sea of possibilities. Rachel (Kathryn Hahn) is married to Jeff (Josh Radnor), but despite one child and an upper-middle class lifestyle, she seems terribly unhappy. Rachel and Jeff ... Read More »

Review: About Time

This is not a film for the cynical. There is a moment in the film, it will be different for each person, where you have to decide to either check out or lose yourself in it. I suspect many may choose to check out, but they’ll have missed a wholly enjoyable romantic fantasy. About Time is the story of Tim ... Read More »