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Lady Mary gets tough on Chicago’s streets

Michelle Dockery, in some brilliant viral marketing for Downton Abbey (or maybe just trying to remind casting directors she has range), has popped up in a new video for Funny or Die. What starts as a fairly believable new TNT cop drama, slowly bleeds across fictional universe lines into something altogether hilarious. It’s not always funny when actors poke fun ... Read More »

House of Cards: Season 2 debuts new trailer in 4K

Netflix has just released a new trailer for Season 2 of House of Cards (the American version, I should note). The trailer itself is plenty cool and looks perfectly devilish just like the first season. What’s extra cool about this particular trailer is that it’s presented in 4K resolution (well, at least TV 4K resolution, but that’s another story). Netflix ... Read More »

Lies that television told me

As I write this, my in-laws are driving five hours to come visit. According to television, this should frighten me. My mother-in-law will suggest other men my wife should have married, and my father-in-law will glare and sneer at me at the same time–sort of a snare, if you will. Except, this won’t happen. Oh the many splendid lies of ... Read More »

Lost was never an intellectual show

Last week I wrote that the finale of Lost could do nothing but disappoint. No matter how much fans gave it a fair shake, they would end up slightly disappointed after investing six years and not getting an ending that would satiate every nuanced desire. Having read several responses since the airing, I stand by that assertion. Even the most ... Read More »

Why Lost can do nothing but disappoint

I was a quasi-latecomer to Lost. After watching the premiere episode and a couple after, I fell out of regular viewing until I caught up sometime during the third season. Since then, for better or for worse, I’ve been hooked. As the finale draws near, I fear it was for worse. But wait, I am not simply being blindly critical. ... Read More »