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Jerk Phone

When you run into people who can’t ignore their phone for more than fifteen minutes, I do sort of assume they’re in an abusive relationship with their phone. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: I downloaded a new app to help me lose weight. It searches social network site to find pictures of girls you had crushes on back in school. KLOWNUS: Then it ... Read More »

God of Television

I often feel this way. Between innovations that allow me to stream content, and the fact that I can buy just about anything that isn’t included with a streaming package, I feel kind of like a jerk for ever being bored. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: Ugh, there's nothing to watch. BEARD: You have 160 channels of cable, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon! You ... Read More »

Better Email App

While I have a smartphone, I imagine this must be how everyone without one feels constantly. Just shut up about it. I don’t even want to hear about someone’s new phone. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: Ugh, every time I check my email the app crashes. MITTENS: Here, let me fix that for you. KLOWNUS: That doesn't fix anything! MITTENS: Sure it does! ... Read More »

Popular Literary Themes

It’s an easy joke, but I love the self-defeatism of Dr. Klownus. Plus, there’s some joy whenever someone says something hasn’t been done in literature before. It has. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: There should really be more books about free will. BEARD: What are you talking about? BEARD: Free will is one of the most popular themes in all of literature! KLOWNUS: ... Read More »

Technology in the Classroom

I suppose it must feel that way to people on the I.T. side, but I’m constantly amazed how often I’m told I don’t like technology. Maybe some professors don’t embrace it, but I think most don’t embrace their particular technology because it doesn’t work. ↓ TranscriptMOLE: We're here from I.T. to figure out why you don't use more technology in ... Read More »