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The Clock Billionaire

People make money from all kinds of stupid things. Some people assume everything is a conspiracy. I prefer to think the two are related, and people are conspiring to cause all the stupid things in my life–in order to make money. It makes stubbing my toe more rational. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Ugh, power out overnight. All the clocks are wrong! JIMMY: ... Read More »

Pink Phone

I think people should be able to buy a phone in any color they want. Gold? Sure. Pink? Why not? Sometimes the pink marketing, though, is goofy. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: Ugh, why do they assume that just because I'm a woman I'd want a pink phone? JIMMY: Maybe it's for men? AMANDA: Yeah, right. They make everything for you in black, ... Read More »

Best Video Game Ever

I enjoy reading gamers complain about the limitations of games. “Ugh, why can’t I go inside every building?” As if the developers are simply lazy and could easily accommodate such a request. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Someone should make a video game where you can go anywhere and do anything you want! Like, if you want to pilot a plane--have at it! ... Read More »