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Customer Loyalty Card

I always assume there’s a nefarious motive behind everything, and then an even more secret, more nefarious purpose behind that. It makes shopping a real psychological pain. ↓ TranscriptCASHIER: Do you have your customer card? HOBO: What is the point of that thing? To track everything I buy? CASHIER: Nah, we can do that with your credit card. HOBO: So ... Read More »

PC Jesus

I assume this is the type of comic that very well might make both the religious and non-religious mad at us, and neither entirely sure why. Anyway, I like the idea of religion seeping into weirdly inappropriate places, like the naming of software. This can never end well. ↓ TranscriptTREY: We call our new backup software "PC Jesus" because it's ... Read More »

Cheap Website Hits

I love that Billy and Trey are learning the real lessons of the Internet and not something silly like quality content. Who needs that? Obviously not this site. ↓ TranscriptSCIENCE: And what are you doing for your website? TREY: I'm making a website of lists without any actual real content. Basically I just want cheap hits. BILLY: "10 Words People ... Read More »