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Crash and Burn

The world needs more optimists. Mole and Troll always look on the sunny side. Unfortunately, I think too many people in real life also take this perspective toward doing their jobs poorly. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: We spent millions buying new computers and they're all crashing! CZAR: Even when they work, the Wi-Fi is down! What does I.T. have to say for ... Read More »

Webcam Insecurity

I worry more about I.T. departments than I do the NSA on a day to day basis. Not that I’m giving the other a pass, it’s just that I assume one is more bored than the either. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Are you using the webcams on our computers to spy on us? I use mine at home! When I'm half naked! ... Read More »

Brand New iPhone

I’m very excited for the new iPhone…assuming it really has this invisible feature. I love gadgets, but in truth my interest in new phones has dropped off considerably. Most new features seem simply bigger screens or slightly snappier processors. It’s been a while since a new feature really impressed me. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: I accidentally replied to all of campus with ... Read More »