A Rose By Any Other Name


Easter is a fun time of year, but like with anything, it’s made better with some help from Mr. Mittens.  By the way, obviously one of the two speaking to Jesus is Judas, but the other is Thomas.  It’s implied, but maybe not super clear to some.

Jesus seems like a real jovial kind of guy.

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: Justin is on the road this week presenting at a conference, and David is sipping Mojitos while catching up on missed seasons of Babylon 5. So they've asked me to take over the strip for this week. Luckily some Gideons were passing by on campus and I snagged a leaflet they were passing out for Easter. I filled in the parts the leaflet missed.

JESUS: A rose by any other name, would be more work for Dad to do. We'll keep calling you a rose.
JUDAS: Hey Jesus, I've got something I need to talk to you about. I'm a little uncomfortable about it.

JESUS: Thou needest not worry for any matter.
JUDAS: Yeah, for this conversation could we talk NIV?
JESUS: Okay, shoot.

JUDAS: Well, you see, I sort of got offered another job. With more money.
THOMAS: I doubt it.
JESUS: How much?

JUDAS: Thirty pieces of silver.
JESUS: Oh, wow. Things are tight right now. I couldn't go a piece over twenty. Is that a deal breaker?

JUDAS: That sounds fine. I'll...just go let them know. Be right back.
JESUS: Like he was ever going to leave, that kidder. That guy kills me!


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