A Woman’s Place


This is based on a real incident where my wife was told by a student that the Bible statistically proved the man as the head of the household.  She could never figure out which book of the Bible she was referring to, but I suspect the book of Numbers.  Including that in the joke, however, runs dangerously close to an actuarial joke.  Even we’re not that big of nerds.

It’s always amusing to encounter people who honestly believe the Bible and Holy Bible are different books.

↓ Transcript
STUDENT: I'm sorry Professor, but it's a proven fact in the Bible that a woman's place is in the home.
FEMALE: In which book?

STUDENT: What do you mean which book? The Bible! You haven't heard of the Bible? Liberal!
FEMALE: No, I meant...never mind.

STUDENT: She was probably thinking of the Holy Bible.


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