Ad Initium


Unbelievable as it may appear, yes, Professor Hobo’s look was pre-designed before this strip. We actually went through fifteen to twenty different versions. Still, the unsure style of the comic makes all the hard work almost unnoticeable.

What better way to start off a comic strip and new job than offending a part of campus, and more specifically, your own professors? Luckily I had finished my English minor at this point, so I was open and free to take a pot shot at them. Nothing personal, it’s just my English professors loved to talk about drinking–Hemingway Syndrome we called it.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: Well, we fired professor Austen, so we need a new 19th century English lit professor.

BEARD: What kind of qualifications are we looking for?

CZAR: The same thing we look for in all English professors...

CZAR: ...someone who can bable for an hour straight and lives to drink.


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