I suspect that secretly upwards of 85% of pop music makes absolutely no sense.  Sure, “Adia” is a notable offender, but listen to many country music “story” songs and you’ll quickly lose track of who is doing what, and why.

This also happens to be the type of strip that will encourage people to stop us at work or email us and say, “Hey, I know what that song’s about!”  Then they’ll proceed to try to explain it for the next thirty minutes.  Lucky us.

↓ Transcript
MEGAN: Do you hear that? They're playing that Sarah McLachlan song "Adia."
AMANDA: Oh, cool. I always loved that song.

MEGAN: Hey, did you ever wonder what this song's about?
AMANDA: What do you mean? It's about her ex...wait, no it can't be. It's about her...wait, that doesn't make sense either. It' can't be though...can it?

AMANDA: Ow, my head! Make it stop! Sarah McLachlan is killing my brain!
MEGAN: Think happy, coherent thoughts! Don't think about R.E.M. songs!


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