An Interesting Proposal


There’s always an awkward moment when people flirt with someone more or less cool than themselves. It breaks one of the fundamental laws of the universe, and you can simply pray that the reverberations from it don’t destroy us all. In other words? If you know what Doctor Who is, don’t try flirting with people who don’t.

↓ Transcript
TREY: Hey Megan, want to catch a movie?
MEGAN: That's an interesting proposal. You're smart and somewhat attractive, but there's a certain aspect of coolness you lack.

MEGAN: If I were to go out with you, surely my friends would note this to me the moment they found out. Then I would have to justify that indeed you are cool, but it's hidden beneath the surface where one doesn't normally notice. So, then we'd have to hang out with them in a group kind of thing, but those rarely give adequate time to converse, and I imagine that's your strong suit...

JIMMY: What'd she say?
TREY: No, I think.


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