Android vs iPhone


I’m sure this strip will make some people angry. Some will assume it’s an attack on the iphone and Apple, while others will assume we’re mocking Android and Google. Why can’t it simply be both?

In seriousness, it seems like whatever phone you own, 98% of people are doing exactly the same things with them. They are phones, after all.

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: Billy, check it! I got a new iPhone!
BILLY: Yeah, that's pretty cool, but I prefer Android.

BILLY: It's not a "walled garden" like iOS. I can upload my own apps, and I don't have Big Brother watching over everything I do. Well, except Google is monitoring it all to better target ads at me, but otherwise I am free,

AMANDA: So, what do you do with it?
BILLY: Mostly text message and play Angry Birds.


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