Animal Farm


This is actually fairly accurate to many students who cheat. They often will mix plagiarized writing with things they’ve completely made up. Some may get away it, but usually it stands out like a sore thumb in a stack of papers. It’s almost always easier just to do the work.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: Your paper is half plagiarized, and the other half you simply made up without reading the book!

HOBO: So, you're obviously getting no credit for this, but why would you waste your time even preparing something so obviously fake?
KEANU: You might not have noticed.

HOBO: You didn't think I would notice that in your paper on Animal Farm you start off discussing the relationship between Stalin and Trotsky, and end up talking about "that short French dude and a talking snowman, like in that movie Jack Frost"?
KEANU: The scary Jack Frost, not the family friendly one.


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