Bags of Candy


I’m always amazed by the people who can create a job for themselves by creating a problem first. These people will never be unemployed. And it’s not just the mob, but people you work with on a daily basis. If you ask them, I’m sure they’re very proud of this skill.

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: I've managed to cut our orientation budget in half by providing each student a bag of candy.
CZAR: How?

MITTENS: I made a deal with a local dentist, who give us a 10% cut. Then, I made a deal with the district attorney in exchange for a 10% reward. Finally, I'm taping it all so we can offer tele-courses this fall.

CZAR: Isn't this the definition of racketeering?
MITTENS: I don't know, ask our new criminal justice majors in Shanghai.


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