One of the things that we pride ourselves (rather foolishly) on is the continuity within Professor Hobo. No, the continuity isn’t flawless. That would be too much work. But we do pride ourselves on the fact that once a character is introduced, it’s very likely they’ll turn up again. Our friend Satan here first appeared in one of our cartoons, but you can’t keep a good Dark Prince down.

Or something.

↓ Transcript
BEARD: Mr. Beelzebub, can you tell us why you want to be Dean here?
SATAN: The money.


BEARD: You do realize this is a public institution, right? There's very little pay involved.
SATAN: That's what they told me at Enron and Goldman Sachs.


SCIENCE: How do you feel about ethics?
SATAN: I feel I have more diverse interests to offer.


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