Being Gay


Just so there is no confusion, the obvious point here is that harassing people for being homosexual is a bad thing. It is especially bad for Christians to do so. They should be especially outraged by recent events, not simply nodding along.

This is probably just about as political as we ever get with the strip, but you’ll have to excuse us. We had a point to be made about the current gay issue, and the long standing issue of saying something sounds or is gay.

↓ Transcript
BAND GIRL: Did you hear about all those frat guys who got outed? People are calling them Gamma Alpha Upsilon. I heard some of them are emotional wrecks.
JABEZ: That's what they get for being gay.

BAND GIRL: Don't you think you should show some compassion? Even if you think they're sinners, don't they deserve empathy and protection from harassment?
JABEZ: The Bible teaches that man shall not lay down with man.

BAND GIRL: Didn't someone also teach blessed are the merciful and peacemakers?
JABEZ: Sounds gay.


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