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I’m ever so slightly amused by the knee jerk reactions among left and right devotees. I also enjoy taking Dr. Klownus from being a best selling author in panel one, to resenting his own work in panel three. It’s a perfect example of his self-loathing.

↓ Transcript
EXECUTIVE: We have some good news and some bad news about your book. The good news is it made the New York Times Best Seller list. The bad news is that Fox News saw this and thought it was some sort of endorsement and the book must be an anti-Tea Party polemic.

EXECUTIVE: The worse news is some liberals saw the cover of your book during their Fox News vigil. They assumed Glenn Beck wrote it and are boycotting.
KLOWNUS: Everyone hates my book? How could it get any worse?

EXECUTIVE: Oprah chose it for her book club.
KLOWNUS: Now I even hate my book!


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