Bethlehem Inn


Travelling around the holidays is complete submission of all human decency to airlines and hotels.  Because of that, there’s certainly an odd ring of truth to the story of Joseph and Mary.  This is the discussion as it likely occurred, but was later edited out.

The desk clerk has a mustache like the villain from a silent film.  I would not be surprised to see him tying guests to train tracks and running away laughing in an exaggerated manner.

↓ Transcript
DESK CLERK: Welcome to the Bethlehem Inn. May I help you?
JOSEPH: Yes, we have a reservation for Joseph and Mary.

DESK CLERK: Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I'm not finding any reservation under those names.
JOSEPH: What? No, look again, we have a reservation.

DESK CLERK: Maybe you have your confirmation number?
JOSEPH: What? No, I must have left it in my other robe. But we do have a reservation! Can you get your manager?
DESK CLERK: Right away, sir.

MANAGER: Good evening, sir. What seems to be the problem?
JOSEPH: You lost our reservation we'd just really like to get some sleep.
MANAGER: Understood, sir. Let's see what we can do here. I have a very spacious pharaoh suite, if that would suit your needs.

JOSEPH: Yes, yes, anything. I just need a room. My wife is pregnant and could deliver at any moment.
MANAGER: Oh dear, I'm afraid I'll have to charge you the triple occupancy rate in that case.

JOSEPH: No, you don't understand. She's endowed with the Holy Spirit.
MANAGER: Twins? Well, congratulations! I will have to charge quadruple occupancy, unfortunately.
MARY: Ooh, felt him kick!


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