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I’m always amused when someone tells me the specs of their new tech and then I ask them what they plan to use it for. At this point in history there are some legitimate tasks hampered by specs (games, video editing, CAD, etc.), but those aren’t things the majority of users do. Okay, possibly with the exception of gaming, but while the PC gaming market is experiencing a rebirth, I still don’t see a majority of computer users shopping for the latest video cards anytime soon.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Check it, my parents got me a new laptop!
BILLY: What was wrong with your old one?

RICK: Nothing, but this new one has 16 gigs of RAM and a top of the line processor.
BILLY: But all you do is post on Facebook, and you do most of that from your phone!

RICK: Speaking of which, I also got a new phone. Man, this new one is so much faster at answering calls.
BILLY: So is this one.


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