Beyond the Apex


Listen in to any motivational speaker if you need evidence that language is malleable and not set in stone. They’re constantly redefining words in goofy ways. Sometimes, like with apex, they even stick. Yes, I have heard people proclaim they will soar past their apex. Apparently they will invert themselves somehow, I suppose.

↓ Transcript
BEARD: You can't make someone taller by simply encouraging them.
COACH T: You're right. No man makes it past his apex alone!

HOBO: You can't make it higher than an apex. By definition an apex is the highest point!
COACH T: Did Neil Armstrong let apexes keep him from reaching the moon?

BEARD: No, but the moon isn't the apex! You can go a lot higher than the moon.
COACH T: That's right, because the cow jumped over it! Go cow!


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