Bible Bling


I like the concept of these “style” Bibles so much, there’s a good chance they might turn up again in another strip.  There’s one designed like a fashion magazine for teenage girls.  I assume it includes makeup tips from Jezebel.

Jimmy looks so sad in every strip, even when he’s on dates with Amanda.  Maybe more sad.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: Hey Jabez, what are you doing?
JABEZ: Bible shopping.

JIMMY: Aren't they all the same?
JABEZ: Oh, no! That one there has testimonials from sports stars on some pages. This one over here has a detailed atlas of the world in biblical times. There's even a comic book style Bible that I read sometimes for fun!

JIMMY: How about this one? It looks nice.
JABEZ: No, that's just a plain old Bible. I doubt it even has a concordance! What use is it?


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