Black Friday


Holidays are a favorite target of horror films dating back to original slasher classics like Black Christmas and Halloween.  The day after Thanksgiving seems ripe for a killing.  Mr. Mittens and Rick have teamed before for the Kill Rick series of films, so perhaps Rick is Mr. Mittens’ muse?  This marks our first ever full-color strip.

This is also a slight homage to one of our favorite horror films, Dawn of the Dead.  Yes, the original Dawn of the Dead, so the zombies are slow.

↓ Transcript
NARRATOR: In a world gone mad, only one man can pierce the darkness.

NARRATOR: Only one man can battle the forces of darkness in their most unnatural of habitats.
ZOMBIE: Deallllllsssss...

NARRATOR: Only one man has what it takes, not to take malarkey from anyone.
ZOMBIE: My thyroid...
RICK: Roll it, smoke it, and choke on it!

NARRATOR: That man has a name, but he's too busy kicking butt to mention it. But it's Rick, in case you were wondering.
ZOMBIE: Always low prices...
RICK: Always!

NARRATOR: In our darkest of days the dead may rise, but so shall a hero.
RICK: Tell Hell I'm coming, and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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