Black Friday 2


Doing the Black Friday strips are fun for us, because we don’t have to worry about character personalities or logic in anyway. Now, I know you’re thinking we never do that in the first place, and of course, you’re right. We just feel less bad about it with the Black Friday strips.

Maybe someday we’ll do a whole comic book based on one of the films.

↓ Transcript
TITLE: Black Friday 2: Blitz Kill
TITLE: A Mr. Mittens Film

VO: They thought they were waiting for the deal of their lives, but theirs was a death queue.
RICK: Wait, are we buying Furbys this year again?

VO: When the devil is done making deals, the damned go shopping.
ZOMBIES: Deallllllsssss...
RICK: Hey! No line cuts!

VO: Come early, because neither these deals nor you will last.
RICK: You got grey matter in my $4 toaster bread crumb tray!

VO: This Thanksgiving, get ready for one Hell of a bargain. And by bargain, we mean a reasonably enjoyable film that won't tax your brain too much. I mean, that's a bargain right? If you catch a matinee? Nah, we wouldn't spring for the 3D showing either. Buy some Junior Mints instead.
RICK: Roll it, smoke it, and choke on it in 3D!

VO: This holiday, when the world goes to Hell, it's brining an uninvited guest.
RICK: Tell Hell I'm coming to stay, and I don't plan on chipping in for pizza!


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