Blow Your Mind

Blow Your Mind


Nothing is worse than someone trying to correct grammar only to be proven wrong. There’s an awkwardness that just sort of hangs in the air for a while. It’s usually a good idea to avoid such situations by simply not being a pretentious jerk. Actually, that’s decent advice for all of life.

↓ Transcript
HARRY: I've told you guys a million times, our students are so amazing that they literally blow my mind.
BEARD: No, they don't. No one is literally blowing your mind!

HARRY: Actually, I have a very thin skull and can feel a brisk breeze through my scalp. Sometimes students turn on all the hand dryers in the bathroom and I run my head beneath them.

BEARD: Why would you even do that? Just to prove me wrong?
HOBO: I believe he just blew your mind.


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