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As an academic, I often find that often the things I write about or discuss in class conflict with the social mores of the church. There’s a weird disconnect here that I imagine a lot of religious academics face. If you’re one of them, let us know how you handle it.

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JABEZ: Professor, my club would like to sponsor a reading of your new book, "Quantum-Realities in a Post-Race America: Neo-Feminism and the Dawn of the Treader". It's not everyday we can get a best-selling author!

KLOWNUS: You didn't say the speech was at a church...
JABEZ: Don't worry. We knew this would be pretty intellectual, so we only invited the elders of the church.

KLOWNUS: Umm, Chapter One: My Vagina, My Afro, My Cosmic Look, My God.
OLD WOMAN: This had better not be another Tammy Faye biography.


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