Bronte Sisters


No one can believe that Shakespeare was a real person who wrote all of his own work, yet we have no problem believing that three sisters were all classic writers? Think about it, this is slightly more impressive a set of sisters than the Kardashians!

I figure we have faith in Charlotte, Anne, and Emily because there is better evidence of their lives than of old Billy’s, but considering how we normally trivialize women or depict them as odd for their literary gifts, they are an interesting anomaly in time.

↓ Transcript
BEARD: Emily Bronte had two sisters. The first was Charlotte. She's probably best known for writing "Jane Eyre", which you will read later this semester.

BEARD: Her other sister Anne is sometimes referred to as the forgotten sister, even though her works such as "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" are just as respected by many scholars.

BEARD: All three sisters...oh, come on! None of you are paying attention! You haven't even glanced at one of these slides!


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