Call of Duty


While The History Channel has tried, Civil War video games have just never really caught on.  Some argue because they’re too boring, but my secret suspicion is that game designers don’t know enough about the war to actually attempt a game.  Ask the average person off the street and they can rattle off some details on World War II.  In contrast, most couldn’t even tell you which states were on which side of the Civil War, except maybe to say northern states versus southern states.

This perhaps explains why one of the few Civil War games was released for the original NES and was simply titled North vs. South.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: Check it, Rick's mom got him the wrong game for his birthday.
JIMMY: Cal of Duty: Civil Warfare?

RICK: Hold up! I need to sit down for a few minutes to reload, and my leg wound is getting infected.

TREY: Motion controlled gangrene treatment for the win!


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