Call of Duty: Class Warfare


Video games are capable of being political in an interesting manner. Games such as Beyond Good and Evil, Bioshock, and the Metal Gear Solid series make quite valiant attempts at discussing, at the least, some minor political theory or ideologies.

The problem is that most games that attempt doing so can’t even be called valiant attempts. It would be interesting to see a game that truly tackled the issue of politics in a deep manner. Maybe the Civilization series…sort of?

↓ Transcript
BILLY: You just shot a chandelier. What are you playing?
RICK: Call of Duty: Class Warfare.

BILLY: So you're raiding the mansion of some druglord or terrorist kingpin?
RICK: Nope, Steve Jobs.

STEVE JOBS: Give me back my solid gold iPads! How else will my dog stream Netflix?
BILLY: Video games have finally found an enterprise less subtle than they are--politics.


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