Cancer Awareness

Cancer Awareness


The real world incident and the idea for this comic just made us laugh.  It’s almost too funny on its own for parody, but hopefully we found a way by tweaking it a bit.

Our biggest concern was that the strip poke fun at the idea, and not what it supported.  We really didn’t want to do a joke mocking breast cancer awareness.  There’s probably a special section of Hell for people who do that.

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: It's a brilliant plan. We send an email to all the coeds on telling them to post pictures of them in their panties to raise cancer awareness.

BILLY: Girls aren't stupid enough to broadcast their lingerie just because an email tells them to!
MITTENS: Don't worry, this plan is idiot proof.

RICK: There, sent it.
MITTENS: Rick, this says to raise awareness of prostate cancer!


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