College Nuclear Option


Really, this comic is nothing against the Higher Learning Commission. They’re one of those organizations that strike fear into the hearts of those above my pay grade. No, it’s much more about the incredibly rising prices in higher education. Trust me, it isn’t simply an issue of greed (though greed is always there in some form).

Running a college is super expensive, and what students expect on campus is super expensive. Fancy dorms, fine dining in the dining hall, and state-of-the-art sports facilities all cost money. Is there a breaking point? Sure. I simply have no idea when we’ll hit it. I’d bet on sooner rather than later, however.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: See the suits? They're inspectors with the Higher Learning Commission. Seems some competing universities are concerned about our sagging enrollments.

HOBO: Why would they care? Isn't our folly their gain?
CZAR: They're concerned if things get too bad we might invoke the nuclear option.

CZAR: Lowering tuition.


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