Colon Games


A lot of times I use this space to fail miserably at making insightful jokes.  Instead, why don’t I try offering some insight into our jokes that fail miserably?

President Czar’s first line is a pun about a colon.  Mr.Mittens’ third line is a play off of Apple’s “There’s an app for that” advertising campaign.  Obviously Kant and Locke: Dead Men and God of Grammar are plays on real video games, Kane and Lynch and God of War respectively.  Now you have a small idea of the weird logic that goes into one of our strips.

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: We can barely keep God of Grammar on the shelves! Kids don't want to hear old stuffy professors lecture about colons; they want to tear colons out of some stuffy, old professors and use them as projectile weapons!
CZAR: I see your two points.

MITTENS: Between this game, Call of Duty: Civil Warfare, Dance Dance Revolution, and Wii Music, you could pretty much get rid of your entire humanities department.
CZAR: This seems ethically questionable.

MITTENS: There's a game for that!
CZAR: Kant and Locke: Dead Men?


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