Community College Comedy


The long and winding road has finally brought Alpha and Beta back. In case you’re super confused as to who these characters are, they originated in our very early comic strips as a sort of rebuff of university censorship.

I’ve actually never taken a college class in comedy. I assume some literature programs offer them, but outside of that do these really exist?

↓ Transcript
ALPHA: Hey kids, alpha and beta here! Unlike everything else that brings you joy in life, we are meaningless voids.
BETA: Like the cast of twilight.

ALPHA: Remember, we are not to be judgmental. We lack all distinguishable features, so as to offend no one.
BETA: Empty voids that no one can get excited for? You mean like mitt Romney?

ALPHA: You taking community college stand up comedy classes makes being inoffensive really hard.
BETA: That’s what Herman Cain said! Ooh, who’s getting a C+?


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