Concussion Closet


Let’s just all pretend that this comic stands entirely separate from real world events and does not relate in any manner whatsoever.  There, wasn’t that fun?  Seriously, who is really deluding themselves when they start to view placing people in storage rooms as treatment.  Just saying.

There’s a lot of hockey played on this campus.  A suspicious amount of hockey.

↓ Transcript
COACH T: I've noticed Thad is under producing out there on the ice during practice.
ASSISTANT COACH: That's cause he has a concussion, Coach T.
COACH T: Go put him in a closet till he's better.

ASSISTANT COACH: I don't think that's a good idea. Especially since he's gay.
COACH T: I don't see the problem with it.

ASSISTANT COACH: You don't see the problem with sticking a player--our only openly gay player--in a closet? Never mind, I'll get to work on updating my resume.


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