Country Music Mall


When you send five clueless, goofy guys off in a car together, they eventually have to end up somewhere just as goofy.  At least, that was our thought process.  Feel free to call us crazy later.

Rick looks good in a cowboy hat.  Maybe that’ll be a recurring character trait?

↓ Transcript
TREY: Seriously, Rick? We did all this driving to come to an abandoned mall?
RICK: Not just any mall, but the County Music Mall. It's shoppin' ya'll!

BILLY: Wait, a mall? You said this would be like going to Walley World in that movie with Fletch in it!
RICK: And it is. So, who's with me on breaking in?

JIMMY: Wow, Rick. I normally defend you, but even I think this is a pretty dumb idea. Have you ever listened to country music? They hang people for rocking the jukebox. What do you think they'll do to us?
RICK: That's why I brought disguises! Who wants a hat?


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