Cycle of Wood


I always like the moment of realization for people that matter cannot be destroyed. We learn this at an early age in school, but people seem to instantly forget it again when trying to solve problems. How can we solve the garbage problem in landfills? Burn it. Oh wait, that just creates another problem. Maybe simply make less of it in the first place?

↓ Transcript
CZAR: When I asked you to clear this lot for my new house, I expected you to dispose of the trees you cut down.

STEVE: There was a problem. You see, trees are made of wood. You can't just throw it into the forest, because that's like throwing bad wood after good.

CZAR: Can't you just dump it in the lake?

STEVE: No can do. Wood floats. I think that's why they make boats out of it.

CZAR: What about burning it?

STEVE: Just turns it into charcoal. Then we need to have a barbecue to get rid of that, but there's no shade!


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