Dangerous On Campus


Why do campus ministry groups always tempt with pizza?  It seems like a parable Jesus himself might tell.  Beware those bearing pizza, for they will lead you astray…to dances?  Campus ministries are certainly not a bad thing, inherently.  But like any institution, it probably wouldn’t hurt occasionally to turn the focus internal.

And yes, we know there’s no such thing as a female engineering major.  They all become elementary school teachers, right?

↓ Transcript
JABEZ: All you freshmen Christians need to be aware of dangerous groups on campus. You don't want to get mixed up with fraternities, because they're all drunks.

JABEZ: Female engineering majors are confused and think college is more than a place to meet their future husbands. And the other campus ministries are just trying to confuse you into joining a club rather than really worshiping Jesus.

JABEZ: Now, who wants to grab some pizza before we head to the Jolly 4 Jesus Dance-a-Thon for the Sudan tonight?


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